Saturday, April 8, 2017


Today, our morning started off with worship as we watched the sunrise. Then, like all great days, we went back to sleep. We got our last minutes of rest before planning to wake up and head off to YS Falls for the day. Our off day was filled with fun and relaxation!

Before breakfast, a group of CCCD students blessed us with their Hands of Praise routine. It's been truly awesome to have days like today that start off with worship and praise. After filling up on French toast and pineapple in the morning, we set off for the falls.


We had a blast on rope swings, rock jumps, and a canopy tour for those who took the risk. Our lunch was a Jamaican staple--patties and ting. As many of us stocked up on souvenirs, our excursion was coming to an end.

On the bus ride back to Knockpatrick, the rain met us. We made the most of it though, having a good time playing cards. Our devo for the night was filled with encouragement, finishing up our walk through Ephesians, worship through song, and last seconds of our last night in Jamaica. Tomorrow, please pray for our day of travel. We can't wait to see you all!

God Bless,
Your 2017 Jamaica Team


Math relays, sack race, hula hooping OH MY! 

It was sports days today at CCCD. The day was packed full of fun for the students. We contributed by holding finish lines, keeping score, cheering, and even getting involved in some of the races. At the end of the games, the underdog prevailed--the purple team.

From there, the remainder of the afternoon was spent loving on the kids as much as we can. We played cards, basketball, and soccer. Sadly, goodbyes had to be said to the students who left for home today as they're on spring break these next two weeks.

We finished the night with a team devo about sacrifice, another dive into Ephesians, and worship on the bleachers under the stars. Tomorrow is our off day and we have an excursion planned.
Stay tuned for more details!

Blessings Mon,
Rachel, Kaelin, Alecia, Matthew, and Jacob

Thursday, April 6, 2017


We had another amazing day!

The day began with a pancake breakfast and potatoes, for our gluten free friends!
Then it was off to the worksite and New Hope. Our work projects continued from yesterday and we made great progress on the painting and concrete. New Hope was full of music, smiles, and laughter. 

After lunch we went to the Infirmary, which is an assisted living environment for the elderly and disabled where we were able to spend time with the residents. We sang with them, talked with them, and enjoyed our time together. The afternoon consisted of more time investing in the students of CCCD.

Tonight's devotion focused on love that conquers all fear. Our team was encouraged to finish strong in the way that we love the students and one another.
We concluded our night with some amazing worship on the bleachers. 

All our love,

John, Lexi, Micah, and Jack

Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Today we were blessed with another great day!

About seven members of our team went to New Hope, a children's home close to the CCCD campus. Those team members had a great time playing and dancing with the little kids there!

The rest of us continued with our work projects, which included painting, repairing ceiling tiles, and starting work on a new driveway. The weather was beautiful, and as soon as we were done working we enjoyed the very intense CCCD soccer match.

Once the games were over, the team traipsed down the road, passed the farm animal pen, to a humongous tree (see picture of team in front of said tree).

The whole team immediately started climbing - thankfully no injuries occurred!
After climbing the tree we roasted dampers (tasty Jamaican dough) over a smoldering fire pit. The dinner was scrumptious! After dinner we met for devotions and debriefed about our day. 
We look forward to what God has in store for us tomorrow! 

Thanks again for your prayer and support!

Yours truly,

Seth, Matt, Cierra, Maranda, & Nate!


Today we started our first work projects! 

Some of us used pick axes to begin to level a spot for concrete, some put fresh coats of paint on ceilings and buildings, and others tore down a ceiling.

After lunch, work continued on the gravel and a group began to prep a spot for bamboo structures which will be used Thursday for the campus Sports Day.
Others watched the houses compete in a competition and even got to try it out ourselves. We ended the afternoon playing with the kids and getting to know them better.


Tonight's devotion emphasized service and deeds with a joyful heart. 
We ended the night under the stars with worship, led by Lexi Prestel.

Love you all, but we are having a great time!

Grace, Shelby, Eric, Caleb and Sara

Monday, April 3, 2017


We had a great day yesterday!

We went to a deaf church at the Jamaican Deaf Village where we learned about using the sword of the Spirit, which is the Bible. It was fun to learn to use sign language instead of our voices to worship God!
After church, we had a photoshoot from the top of the Jamaican Deaf Village.

When we got back from church we played with the kids for about three hours.
We played soccer, basketball, cards, we danced, and attempted to play netball (a game they play here). We also were able to get to know the students through signing and writing.

In the evening we had team-building activities which included “Cockroach, Spider, Snake” (a game similar to “Rock, Paper, Scissors” that we made up) and spent some time in worship. We also started going through the book of Ephesians.After this we headed to our rooms to get some rest so that we can be effective during our work day today!

Thanks for following our blog!

Chika, Tiara, Nick, Austin, and Jeremy

Saturday, April 1, 2017

After an incredibly long day of travel, we arrived to CCCD, Knockpatrick safely!

We left at midnight last night, drove to Chicago, flew to Montego Bay, and then drove to Knockpatrick arriving around 4:00. The 3 hour bus ride from the airport to the school was pretty quiet; that was the time most of our team were finally exhausted enough to sleep sitting up! However, God is faithful and gave us energy because right when we arrived, the kids from the school were ready to play! And so were we! Whether it was soccer, 4 square, sitting and talking, or playing tag, we all were able to jump right in and start building some relationships.

We just finished our evening devo's and are looking forward to our beds!
Tomorrow we have the opportunity to worship at a deaf church. We will keep you posted with everything else we do!

Please keep praying for God to soften our hearts, a growing desire to serve, and effective communication.

Thanks so much!